Упражнения к § 46

Переведите на русский язык:

1. Let us speak English as much as possible. 2. Let us help them. 3. Let them repeat this material for their examination. 4. Let her do it as soon as possible. 5. Let these students take part in our scientific conference. 6. Let this student explain what he wants. 7. Let these young people come to our club. 8. Let the lecturer answer our questions at once. 9. Do your exercises for all the lessons. 10. Tell him not to stay till the end of the concert. 11. Don’t open the door during the lecture. 12. Don’t translate the lesson before you learn the words. 13. Don’t wait for him. 14. Let us listen to that lecturer. 15. Consider this project. 16. Don’t let him work so much. 17. Let’s practice in speaking English.

Ответы к упражнению

§ 46. Понятие о грамматических категориях вида, залога, переходности, непереходности

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