Упражнения к § 38 – 45

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1. Oxides and sulphides, some metal alloys as well as chemical elements are called semiconductors. All of them conduct electric current worse than metals do. It is from this fact that semiconductors derive their name. They do possess many wonderful properties. Some of the devices using semiconductors for example let electric current pass through them only in one direction and do not conduct it at all in the other. Soviet scientists do all they can to make the utmost use of semiconductors. 2. A speed-up in the development of the chemical industry is a highly important factor in increasing the output of consumer goods at a much greater pace. 3. By 1965 it is planned to increase the output of automation to more than fivefold (пять раз) the present level. 4. In 1957 the output of consumer goods went up 13fold as compared with 1913. The variety of goods improved, and so did their quality. 5. Science has never befor played such a role in the history of mankind as it does at present under socialism.

Ответы к упражнению

§ 38. Общее понятие о глаголе и типах его образования

§ 39. Классификация глагола по употреблению его в речи

§ 40. Глагол-связка

§ 41. Вспомогательные глаголы

§ 42. Классификация глаголов по их назначению и роли в предложении

§ 43. Глаголы-заместители и усилители

§ 44. Понятие о личных и неличных формах глагола и выполняемых ими функциях

§ 45. Грамматические категории, выражаемые глаголом

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