Упражнения к § 35, 36

Переведите на русский язык:

1. One must learn English words for every lesson. 2. This pencil is red and that one is black. 3. Give me the English book, please. Which one? The one which is lying on the table. 4. One must say that you are not right in that case. 5. One can’t say that your answers are good. You have to review some grammar rules. 6. One mustn’t cross the street when the signal is red. 7. One can easily imagine how glad you will be when you see an old friend of yours. 8. Lomonosov’s road to the summits of science was a difficult one. 9. One can find any book one likes in our library. 10. To master a foreign language one must work regularly. 11. One can notice new elements in the designe of modern buildings. 12. The flats are roomy and light. One presses a button and the partitions (перегородки) between the rooms rise like curtains. 13. What is the aim of such experiment as the one just performed in this laboratory? 14. One can easily imagine how wide can be the use of a miniature radio telephone. 15. One can easily imagine the scope of this undertaking. 16. One can find every type of climate and weather in the Soviet Union. 17. One does not have to be a scientist or to have imagination of a Jules Verne to understand the magnificent feat of the Soviet people in launching the first manned spaceships. 18. This investigation is of greater importance for the development of our science than the one mentioned above. 19. We shall replace the old machines by new ones. 20. When one takes correspondence courses one should study regularly.

Ответы к упражнению

§ 35. Неопределённо-личное местоимение one

§ 36. Слово-заместитель one в сочетании с разными формами определения

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