Упражнения к § 33

Переведите на русский язык:

1. I saw nobody in the street. 2. He has no dictionary. 3. He said nothing. 4. I am waiting for nobody. 5. Nobody asked me about you. 6. There is nothing in my bag. 7. Tram No 5 never stops here. 8. No student can answer such a question at once. 9. Give me some book to read. 10. Have you any magazines? 11. Anyone can do it. 12. Let me know if anything happens. 13. Do you go anywhere in the morning? 14. He does not see anybody in the corridor. 15. Any of us can help you. 16. Give me some water, please. 17. None of us was there. 18. Come to see as any Friday evening, we are always at home then. 19. Be ready to tell the contents of any chapter of this book. 20. Do they take any books with them? 21. Now they can read any word containing difficult sounds. 22. I must go to see him some day this week. 23. I can see some students there. 24. You can do some homework befor 4 o’clock. 25. He must bring some drawings to the lesson. 26. Do you want to read any books? 27. He does not know any foreign language. 28. We can’t get any magazines there, I think. 29. I cannot give that book to anybody. 30. No one must go out before the storm is over. 31. Nothing can stop us now. 32. We can hear nothing over the radio because of the storm. 33. He is translating some interesting part of that technical article. 34. Can you get me anything to read? 35. Our club is open: anybody can visit it. 36. He didn’t tell you anything new. 37. Nobody knows anything about that matter. 38. Our country is very large; no other country equals it in size.

Ответы к упражнению

§ 33. Неопределённые местоимения some, any и отрицательное местоимение no

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