Упражнения к § 23

Переведите на русский язык:

1. The more you study the better you know the subject. 2. The more powerful our industry is, the stronger is our country 3. The more students listen to gramophone records or tape recordings the sooner they will master English. 4. The more we read the better we understand the subject. 5. In general, the more frequent the occurrence of a word, the greater is the variety of meanings in which it is used (M. West). 6. The more the peoples of different countries know of each other and the greater the friendship between them, the stronger well be peace and the less opportunities will its enemies have to deceive people and unleash a new world war. 7. The greater the molecular velocity, the higher is the temperature of the body. 8. Running costs depend in the main on flying time and the higher the flying speed, the greater the distance, the less are the costs. 9. The nearer the end of the 20th centure, the more often is our age of metals called the age of polymers.

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§ 23. Перевод на русский язык сравнительных предложений, содержащих the…the

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